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Making sure our clients are satisfied with our work is of the utmost importance to us. To this end, we’ll take the time to get to know your needs and your ideas. Then, we’ll work diligently to achieve them. We’re upfront about all our interior painting costs so you know exactly how much your project will cost. One of the many great things about hiring an interior house painters like Prestige Painting & Contracting is that we can help provide interior house painting recommendations. We also offer free colour consultation and colour sampling. So, whether you have settled on oil-based paint or don’t know the first thing about the various types of paint for interior painting, we’re here to help! Specialized in all types of Interior Painting Tell us your interior painting ideas and we make them happen. Some of the types of paint finishes we work with include: ✔ Matte paint ✔ Matte enamel paint ✔ Satin finish paint ✔ Gloss paint ✔ Semi-gloss paint ✔ Eggshell finish paint Every type of paint has a unique application process. As professional interior painters, we understand the differences between each type, finish, and process. Therefore, when you hire us, your interiors will look fabulous regardless of the type of paint you choose.

We Know The Ins & Outs!

If you live in a condo, you know just how strict the regulations can be when it comes time to modify your unit. Many times, a simple modification can lead to more expensive issues down the road and that’s where we come in. At Prestige Painting & Contracting, our experts know the ins and outs when it comes to painting condos and when you hire us for the task, we guarantee we will get the job done right!

Painting the interior of your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. Many people think that they have to spend ridiculous amounts of money for renovations in order to get the top value of your property when in reality and in many cases, just a fresh coat of paint can make a drastic improvement in the overall value of your home. You can update the look and feel of your home by painting with the options of a wide spectrum of colours that match your own style or match the newest trends.

When considering the sale of your property, Prestige Painting & Contractors recommends designing an environment where the prospective buyer can envision themselves comfortably living. It’s recommended to paint the walls with light earthy colors and semi-gloss doors and trims. Accent walls are a creative way to provide an artistic touch. Complex looks and various moods can be achieved using creative faux-finishing techniques. Look to our team of experts to guide you through the best professional luxury finishes that will look best for your home’s interior.